Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WSOP 2015

Haven't posted in a year almost but haven't had much reason to really.  I don't think I have played  a single MTT since MD Live ran their summer series last July.  Played a ton of cash in the fall through the new year then basically didn't play once from about February 1 through April 15.  Obviously as a tax guy that is my heaviest volume period and I just didn't have the time to play.  Have played some since (maybe 35-40 hours).

At this point I am playing almost exclusively PLO.  No other reason for this than the games are super soft and easy to beat.  I have played some 2/5 NL while waiting for my name to be called or whatever, but that probably totals 90 minutes of NL.  The most interesting NL hand I played was about 2 weeks ago while waiting for 2/2 PLO.

Hand 1

1 limp; I raise to 20 with QhJh. 3 call incl limper. Flop QJ5r. I bet 55 into 80. Fold, fold, old guy ch calls. He is the one that had limp called pre. 

Turn A full rainbow. Old guy ch, I 120 into 190. He c/r to 350 with 200 behind. I literally haven't seen him play a hand so I guess he is a rock.

I ran it by a few people and got everything from limp pre when an old nit limps UTG, to check back turn as that fills in a ton of hands that beat me.  

Any comments?  Won't tell what I did for a bit.

Anyway 2/2 PLO is really good.  There just aren't very many good players and stacks get super deep later in the night given all of the all-ins, etc.  Pretty typical to have 3 or 4 players $2k deep and a bunch $1k-$1.5k deep.  Obviously it can be insanely swingy too but that is the nature of the game.

Heading out on June 13 for a week or so in the desert.  The plan is to play some combination of the following:

6/13 WSOP $1,500 Monster Stack 
6/14 WSOP $1k or Venetian $600
6/15 Venetian $600 PLO
6/16 WSOP $1,500 Mix Max
6/17 WSOP $1,500 PLO
6/18 Venetian $600

Sold some pieces of these events though I doubt I will play the full schedule and hopefully will go deep some.  I'm staying at Venetian again this year as the thought of a week in the Rio is just unbearable.  

Will update any good results as warranted.

Monday, June 30, 2014

June Update

June Update

Ended up playing ~75 hours in June though that includes ~15 hrs while I was still in Vegas the first few days of the month. Return to MD Live was terrible as I quickly lost over 4k in 3 5/10 sessions. Nothing particularly crazy happened I just never seemed to win any pots. I did discuss this little nothing hand that generated a bit of disgreement:

5/10 with 1500 eff. I open red AA, 5 call

Flop 789r, SB is playing on his phone starts to check, double checks his cards then bets 150.
Doesn't seem super interesting to me really. Solid 5/10 grinder is playing on phone, double takes this flop and then leads into 6 people. Seems like a fairly trivial fold to me though others disagreed and thought a peel was in order on the flop.

I also played this hand vs. a super gambly Asian tard. 

Weird 5/10 hand

Villain gambly, older Asian...plays like 70/20...plays ATC pre but raises a much tighter range. Once he raises he never folds to a 3b. Overvalues strong hands that have weak relative value and does like him some bluffs but probably not just blasting off like crazy.

Eff stacks 2k

Villain opens 35 in HJ, I call AJ in CO, BTN calls, BB calls

(Pot $145)Flop AJ9

BB ch, Villain ch, I bet $105, BTN and BB fold, Villain calls

(Pot $355) Turn 8 He ch, I bet $225, He c/r to $625, I tank call.

I think his range here is 99, QTs, TT, 9T, JT, A8s, A9s, AJ or the unlikely AA/JJ

Turn call?

(Pot $1605) River 2-He leads $925; I?
I called and got shown 99 in the face. Tanked for a bit on the river as his line is just sooooooooo soooooooo strong. But ultimately couldn't do it as I felt he could play A9, A8, and some bluffs like TT, 9T the same way.

So basically early in the month I ran like ass. Then for some reason I decided to grind 2/2 PLO and just never went back to NLHE (other than a few short sessions waiting for a seat). Played this hand versus a very well known older Asian player who is super aggro and typically plays 5/5 (which hasn't been running as much during the WSOP).

PLO time..not sure I like how I played this...Eff stacks $500 and it is 2/2

Main Villain is a 60-ish Korean dude who plays mostly 5/5 PLO which isn't running. His son is actually a very well known high-stakes baller and he is quite aggro, bets with virtually any equity and if checked to will almost always bet. He prob recognizes me as a decent winner but we haven't played a ton together.

I just sat and open AQJ9 to 12 over a few limps, General calls on my left, 3 more call and we go to flop.

Pot ~65 Flop KJ5 I lead 65, V calls all else fold. V's range here is dry flush draws, AK with a broadway, K5xx, J5xx and wraps.

Pot ~195 Turn A

Not sure I like what I did but what you got here?
In hindsight, leading flop makes this totally standard. I guess the question is whether bet/folding that flop is good or not...ran it by a few people and most said as played turn is standard bet/get it in...they were split on flop bet being good or not. Anyway he had QT and I bricked my FH draws.


I did play a fun big pot where I was a winner the other night though! Few limps and I make it $15 with KTQ9 on the button, SB calls, 2 others call and we go to flop 4 handed. Effective stacks with SB Villain are like $900

(Pot ~$65) Flop KT6 Checks to me and I bet 60; SB then c/r to 265, folds back to me and I tank call. 

(Pot $595) Turn K BOOOOM! He checks and I check back. I think his range on the flop is sets, big draws like wraps, etc. With basically a pot-sized bet left I guess I should bet to get value out of his drawing hands. 

(Pot $595) 4 He pots, I go all in for the remaining $35 and he calls and shows 66xx. 

So I coolered the shit out of him but I think his river bet is super spewy. I got lucky that he had the hand he had and he played it really poorly on the end. His hand is a bluff catcher really and given that no draws got there I can't call much of a bet. I mean if the draw gets there and he wants to b/f $250 that seems way better to me. 

Anyway all added up to a relatively profitable month. July I am going to play a bunch of events in the MD Live Summer Series. These are the ones I am planning on playing:

Event 1 $300 NLHE RE (1 entry plus 1 re-entry)
Event 5 $500 NLHE Bounty
Event 7 $240 Omaha 8/Stud 8
Event 9 $250 PLO8
Event 10 $350 PLO Bounty
Event 14 $1,100 NLHE
Event 15 $500 NLHE
Event 17 $2,200 NLHE Main

Total BI $5,740
I'll take a little run good if anyone wants to ship it to me!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vegas Trip Report

As I said in the previous post,  I won (chopped really) Venetian Event 12 for $16.5k.  First was $24k, 2nd was a bit less than $15k and 5th was only $5.9k when we made the deal.  I was fine playing it out as I felt I was the best player remaining, though there were 2 other decent players too.  And, of course, I had over 40% of the chips in play.  But logic told me to take the deal as my ICM was ~$15.7k.  They initially offered me $16k but I said I needed $16.5k and they quickly agreed.  Think I got a good deal.

Basically I came back to Day 2 with like 8th most chips out of 33.  I had a really good table draw as I had a really passive woman on my direct left and the spew box chip leader 2 to my left.  So while he had a lot of chips, he was truly terrible and no threat to put me in any tough spots.  I quickly ran my 150k stack up busting 2 short stacks and winning a big pot vs. the chip leader described above and had in excess of 300k. I was 3b a ton and floating, putting a lot of pressure, etc. and picking up a ton of chips without showdown. In fact, during the time it took to go from 33 to the 24 pay level I doubled my stack and was chip leader once we were in the money.  Here is a fun one where I actually cold 4b jammed and picked up 65k or so in chips:

Folds to HJ who opens to 12k at 2,500/5k/500a, CO calls, BTN then 3b to 32k with like 70k behind.  I am in the SB with ~400k+ and I wake up with AQ.  We are like 2 away from the cash so I figure their calling ranges are super tight.  BTN is a competent, observant player so I think he can squeeze with a lot more than just premium hands.  So I rip it in.  HJ and C/O fold rather quickly and BTN tanks a bit and folds 99 face up.  Just standard big stack poker but felt easy and just picked spots really well.

Finally we got the final table and I had just under $1M at 6/12,000/2ka level.  Pretty deep stacks really. Average was probably around 450k but me and another dude represented ~2/3 of the chips in play. Obviously this means the remaining 8 players only had about 1.2M between them.  Several shortstacks busted and we got 5 handed right before dinner break.  At this point the stacks had flattened out a bit though I had increased my stack to ~1.25M.  The next biggest stacks were ~700k and the 2 shortstacks had about 400k or so each.  I ran the numbers at dinner and although I wasn't really going to ask for a deal I was prepared to listen.  Had pretty much decided if I could get more than my ICM (which was considerably more than 2nd) I would likely take it.  Deal was offered to me at $16k, I responded I needed $16.5k and they snap accepted (probably could have squeezed a few more $$ out of it).  So with the biggest stack I was officially the winner of the event and obv got the most cash.  FWIW, the 2 shortstacks really took a terrible deal IMO.  The breakout was :

16.5k, 14.75k, 14.75k, 9k, 9k

Essentially they took between 3rd and 4th place money to lock it up with no ability to ladder up at all.  They were pretty fishy and clearly had no concept of ICM which I had calculated for them as being ~11k.  The two middle stacks clearly got the best of it IMO.


Anyway, I busted the Millionaire Maker in rather undramatic fashion.  I got short and ended up having to shove 10bb at the 75/150 was a quick recap I did for a few people that had bought small pieces of me:


Lost hand 30 min in T9 flop A99 ch to me in LP I bet 250 into 300. 1 call. Turn 5 I bet 600 into 800 he call. River J he weak leads 400. I tank a bit and call...K2

Then 10mins later I turned straight, rivered a flush on paired board and paid off small to rivered boat of 9T4K9ddd. I had QJdd.

So basically was down to like 2k chips in first level. Grinder to middle level 4 (75/150). Shoved 10BB BTN with KQo...BB said he had his favorite hand and I knew it was over JT>KQ
Hand 1 the river is a fold.  Just didn't do it.  Hand 2 not sure I can ever fold in that hand.  Hand 3 I obviously want that call with 10BB left.

Didn't play anymore MTTs and played mostly the 1/2/5 PLO game at the Venetian.  Game was very good with a $1k buy-in and probably 50% of the hands having a $10 BTN straddle it played more like a 5/10 PLO game (or at least a 5/5 game).  Didn't play a ton of memorable pots as I won a ton without showdown. Did win this hand which illustrated the value of position:


Flop was K56r and ABC nit led into 4 people. His range is KKxx here most of time IMO. I had 3467. I considered raising but we were 500+ BB deep and I think on certain runouts I can win unimproved. Turn was J and he pots again I now know he has KKxx for sure. Pot was like $600-ish with 900 effective behind. River was 9 he check...I bet $425 and he puke folds.

Right player, right spot, in position, etc.
So it was a profitable trip for sure.

Cash games +$3.5k
MTTs ~+$12.8k
Expenses ~-$2.5k

Will be playing a bit of cash at MD Live over the next week as my wife and kids are out of town.  Probably going to use this newfound cash to try and stick at 5/10.  I have beat 2/5 rather handily over a pretty sizable sample (in excess of 750 hrs).  I will play lower, however, if 5/10 isn't good or I just want to relax and not grind it as hard.  We'll see how it progresses.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Won a small one

Won a small field at Venetian on Thursday/Friday. Was a $500 buy in with ~225 entrants. Actually we did a five way deal when I had over 40% of the chips in play. They offered me $16.5k which was $2k more than second place money and $1k more than my ICM (essentially my equity in the remaining prize pool) and I decided it was too good a deal to turn down. I got the trophy too :)

Will post more details later when I am back in Charm City.

Monday, May 26, 2014

WSOP 2014

Heading to Vegas tomorrow for summer camp.  Be nice to sun run for once.

Here are the MTT's I am looking at:

 View Post
Event 3 $1k PLO
Event 4 $1k NLH
Event 8A $1500 Millionaire Maker
Event 9 $1k NLHE
Venetian 18A $1,100 NLHE
Venetian Event 22 $600 PLO
As usual, I doubt I will play all of these events if I luckbox a day 2, feel burned out or simply don't feel up to a multi-day MTT. But I am pretty committed to the first 3 on the list. Also a little unsure of my return date so that may affect some of the events on the back end.

If anyone wants to follow the hijinks on twitter, my twitter is @bwoodspoker.  I will update here time permitting with anything interesting or note worthy.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing again

Session 1--April 23, 2014-MD Live

20 mins 2/5 NLHE +$494
5:20 mins 2/2 PLO +$440

Welp I'm back. Tax season was a typical PITA but it's over now. I may not post as much going forward but wanted to post something since it has been so long. We shall see. Once or twice a month may be doable. 

Things have been really good IRL. Lost about 15 lbs since beginning of the year. Goal was to lose 25 before I left for WSOP so with a little over a month that may be a stretch but progress is progress and I am sticking with it. 

Other stuff good too. Going to play a bit of competitive golf this summer with the state Amateur at my home club. But the weather post April 15th has been horrendous so haven't played more than 9 holes since then. Playing this weekend.

Anyway on the pokering. I played last week and had a $1k session without any particularly interesting spots. Then I played last night. Got there about 6:45 and was immediately seated for 2/5 while I waited for PLO to open. Only played a few hands and then this happens and there is some post hand lullllz.

Stacking Semi-Reg (Hand 1)

I open 56 to $20 from MP, 2 call, SB calls, BB calls. I have been pretty active in the 2 or so orbits I have been there probably open raising 4-5 times.

(Pot $100) Flop T55 Blinds check, I bet $70, BTN calls, BB then tank c/r to $210 with $260-ish behind. BB is young fat Asian kid I have played with before. He is mildly tilting with sunglasses and he tanks on every decision. My read is that he is a break-even semi-reg and is probably nittier than one would think given his look/physical image. I can flat here and just let him pile the turn and maybe keep BTN in with his T or  draw but I ultimately decide to stick it in. BTN flashes his cards to the guy next to him and folds. 

BB then tanks for like a good 3 minutes. And this is where I think I say he is a baddish reg. I don't know how you c/r flop putting in over 40% of your stack and then have no clue what to do when I pile. The reverse of this is still a leak of mine I think. I figure there is just no possible way this cat is folding so let's just get it in and then suddenly they go in the tank and I'm like wtf is this fish really gonna fold? 

Ultimately I guess he realized (I guess) that there was over $900 in the pot and cost him $260 to call. So unless he had a total airball I assume he can get there. If I ever have AK/AQ in my range it should be a trivial call off. Anyway he calls 

Turn 5 

River X

So no big deal but I get called for 2/2 PLO at that moment. I check out the table and decide to go. Villain says something under his breath and I say "sorry I came to play PLO tonight. I am not hitting and running you." He starts in about how lucky I got and he had JJ, and must be nice to run so good, raising that crap, etc. I bite my tongue though the irony should not be lost.

This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 900x550.


Loose call pre leads to dumb spot post-flop (Hand 2)

I moved to PLO and was pretty active. Raising a lot, playing and position but really just making some good hands. Was up a few hundred when this happens.

Few limps, guy in HJ raises to $10, I make a pretty meh call (being kind) with A3T8. Mostly called because there were two fish that were relatively deep and I was in position. Anyway BTN calls, few other callers and we are 6 to the flop. 

(Pot $60) Flop 863 Checks to me and I bet $50, BTN calls with ~$80 behind, SB is super gambly Asian on his 3rd or 4th buy and he c/r pot to $260 with $25 or so behind. Back to me and I start thinking. SB is clearly on a draw, no question. Problem is if he has a pair with a draw he is probably ahead of me. The BTN is obviously calling and he too is 100% on a draw. Ideally they are sharing some outs. So if I assume the pot will end up being $525 costing me $235 to call off (I assume everyone is all in). So I need somewhere around 27-28% to be profitable here. It's always harder to range in PLO but I figured he SB had some bare draws in his range so I could probably get to 30% equity. Of course, I am only doing this post hand as I can't calculate these EV's at the table. But in game, I did figure I had more than 27-28% so I called off.

These are pretty strong ranges and I still have over 30%. I don't know. Any thoughts on this?

ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation
600,000 trials (Randomized)
board: 863
HandPot equityWinsTies
cc8, cc57, cc67, cc36.75%215,8689,236
cc8, 57cc, 579, 45731.81%183,55314,669

Anyway I held and they didn't show. I'm guessing their drawing ranges were actually a little weaker even then what I ranged.

So ended up with a pretty good night. Will be playing a decent amount over the next month and then headed to WSOP on 5/27 for about a week.  I actually considered not going at all this year. With all the games at MD Live, travelling to play 2/5, 5/10 and <$1,500 buy in MTTs didn't make a ton of sense.  But the Millionairre Maker is on when I am there and that seems like it should have huge equity so WTF.  There is also a $1k PLO for the first time that week that I will play.  Plus it is a vacation of sorts where I can just focus on the pokering.