Friday, January 17, 2014

Recent Sessions

Session #23--December 28, 2013-MD Live

3:50 5/T NLHE +$1,358
0:15 5/5 PLO8 -$500
5:11 2/2 PLO +$781

Session #24--December 30, 2013-MD Live

11:20 2/5 NLHE -$431

Session #25--January 7,2014-MD Live

11:36 2/5 NLHE -$1,532

Session #26--January 9, 2014-MD Live

8:56 2/5 NLHE +$550

I feel like I am running a lot worse than my results show here. It's funny how your short term memory can make it feel so much worse. In any event, I have flopped exactly 1 set in my last 50-ish hours or NLHE (actually a bit more but just not exactly sure). This set went down like this (warning dumb beat). This isn't super interesting just a dumb set up.

Get stacked by a terribad fish (Hand #30)

A rec-fish ($1,200) open limps in MP and 2 more limp. I 3b BTN to $30 with 99 and about $1k stack. Folds back to MP who essentially limp-min re-raises to $70.

(Pot ~$155) Flop Q94. He checks and I bet $85. He c/r to $225 and I call. I am pretty sure he has AA or KK here and may find a fold if I 3b flop.

(Pot ~$605) Turn 2 He just open ships ~$675 effective and I sigh call. He has QQ obv and river is 4.

So he played almost every spot terribly and still I have no Happens sometimes I guess. Since then I have not flopped a set once. The only time I would have I had 22, saw a raise and a re-raise in front of me, folded and then saw a K29 flop. Funny thing is in my head I was convinced the 3b had KK and was wondering what I would do if I were still in. Sure enough 3b showed KK.

I also played a 5/10 hand that I am not sure about...feel like I won the minimum.

Play QQ like a weak tight nit (Hand #31)

UTG is a pretty tight, solid TAG opens to $40, 3 call and I am in BB with QQ. I have about $1,800, UTG covers, and one of the over callers covers.

(Pot $200) Flop 742 I check, UTG checks , UTG +1 bets $130, all fold and I call. He is Asian, overvalues OP, doesn't like to give up, and just generally not very much of a thinking player (he starts hand with ~$1,400). I range him on pairs lower than mine, some combo draws, perhaps flopped sets and two pair.

(Pot $460) Turn J I check, he bets $200 and I call. I am now pretty confident I have the best hand based on his sizing. I really feel like his hand is a lot of 66-TT, A7, etc.

(Pot $860) River 5 I lead $300...he folds 99 face up.

Any thoughts on this hand.  Perhaps c/r flop once it gets past UTG and given UTG +1 image.  I think UTG open got me playing this hand a bit too conservatively.