Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Play a Hand w/ Me (PAHWM) 2/5 Charles Town

Not as deep this hand but still nearly 300BB deep.  Here's the link to 2p2 post and details are below (click to enlarge)

Weird Turn spot-PAHWM

I think Villain's range here is still pretty wide.  I don't think he is good enough to raise KQ, KJ, QJ of spades in this spot.  I think he has a lot of Aces in his range with the occasional 2 pairs A5, A7, 57, T7, etc.  Given the preflop limp and flop call I don't give much  weight to AT.  i guess he could have 55 or 77 but think AA and TT are pretty unlikely as well. 

If we are calling or raising turn what is plan for river?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Super Deep 2/5 Hand from Charles Town...What to do on river?

I love deep stacked poker due to all of the subtelties and creativity it allows.  I posted this hand on 2p2...any opinions on wtf to do on river?

Big f-ing Pot

Click on the link to get the original post and responses or you can just read the hand in the screenshot above.  Hand actually took place in December...not sure why I typed week or two ago.