Thursday, February 19, 2009


Don't really have time to a thorough rundown of last Sunday due to work getting pretty insane. Basically the day was a bust with the exception of the FTOPS Main Event and the satellites to that same event. Unfortunately, I finished third by 1 in the satellite challenge with 23 seats. I bricked off in the last 5 satellites I played and that would have put me over the top. I don't really remember since there was so many games but I do remember I suffered 2 pretty bad beats in those final 5 and that was the nail in the coffin. All that means is I got no bonuses for finishing 1st or 2nd in satellite challenge. That will change in the the next FTOPS in May. I will be able to put in more volume and am confident I will win some challenges and get the bonus $$$.

Other than the FTOPS Main Event I had two min cashes that were insignificant. I did skip a bunch of the tournaments I had planned to play due to the heavy satellite volume I was playing trying to win the challenge. Here is a quick rundown of the more major events:

FTOPS #24 (Bounty): Chipped up well early from original stack (started with 7,500 I think) to about 12k. Then went pretty card dead for about an hour. Finally in the third hour, I shoved AK suited over a raise and BB woke up with KK and I missed for 85% of my stack. Can't remember how I buted but was pretty uneventful.

PokerStars Sunday Warmup: First two hours pretty uneventful. Got up around 14k with a 10k starting stack. Was back down around 12k when I shoved JJ over a raiser. He called with AK and A on river busted me.

PokerStars $20 cubed: One of my new favorite events. Min cashed for ~$110. Nothing real interesting. Doubled midway through first hour with AA. Raised got one caller. Flop Axx. I bet he raises and I call. Get it all in on turn and he shows AK. Then never really played any big pots until I reshoved on a raiser with AK and he calls with QQ and holds.

PokerStars Sunday Million: I played pretty poorly in this. Folded AJ on an AATxx board when he shoved the river. This was in the first 20 mins or so. I had checked on turn thinking I would only get called by a better hand (TT, AK or AQ). Then he open shoves river and just couldn't pull the trigger. Later saw show down some shitty hands so I have no doubts now that I was good there. Was a bad fold by me I think. That hand put me down to ~6500 in chips from original 10k. Got back up to 10k but never over. In third hour, try to resteal with JTs and shoved over raiser. He called with JJ and I am crushed. Out.
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FTOPS Main Event: Probably the best I have played for a whole tournament in some time. Just played real solid. This may sound strange since I basically min cashed and didn't really go super deep bu I made some tough calls and some tough laydowns. Started with ~5800 players and ~720 got paid. ABout 100 from the money an aggressive big stack bully reraised my raise. I tanked with 99 and called. Him AT and off we go to the race. Uneventful as I flopped a 9 for a set. That doubled me up. Later I made a nice laydown with QQ. UTG raised, a solid thinking well known player then reraised pretty small. This screams AA or KK. I tanked and folded. They got it in. UTG had AK and reraiser had AA. Finally, blinds were 1400/2800/200 (I think) and I had 32kish on button. VERY active player raised just in front of me to like 6200. I reshoved for 32k with AQsuited. BB tanks for a while and I don't want a call. He finally calls. Original raiser folds and BB shows QQ. I brick off and am out ~420 for about $1k. That is a standard resteal spot for me but unfortunately BB woke up with a hand.

I did win 6 more seats to FTOPS ME that day though so it was still profitable. I think I have really discovered my niche is mid stakes sit and gos ($33-$75). I can play 6-10 at a time and think this is really where I can grind out a good chunk of change. But that will have to wait until after tax season (just in time to get ready for World Series of Poker!!!)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Radiohead-First Non poker in a while

Couple people have asked me about my screenname (Fkeplastictrees) on Full Tilt and across the sites (except Poker Stars). It came from one of my favorite bands, Radiohead, and their song of the same name. Here is the video:

Song is insanely good even 10+ years later.

They actually performed on the Grammys this past Sunday and had the USC Marching Band supporting them. The song they performed, 15 Step, is not my favorite Radiohead song but they hit it out of the park with this performance:

Here is my favorite Radiohead song off the greatest album of the last 20 years IMHO Kid A:

A lot of people don't "get" Radiohead and no doubt they take time to understand their music. Don't want to sound like a douche but let their music grow on you. They have influenced a lot of current popular bands like Coldplay, Keane, etc.

That is all!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

FTOPS #16 sucked

Went home early for the Omaha Hi-Lo yesterday at 2. Won't bore you with the details cuz it will sound like I am whinning again but lost 85% of my stack on a 2 outer on the river. While this was going on I played in 4 or 5 other tournaments as well. Ran like death there too.

One was perfect in the Full Tilt $27,500 guarantee ($24+2 buy in). I raise from UTG to 850 with KK. Blinds are 150/300/25 and I have ~11k. Button re-raises to 3200. This looks like AK at best. Why would AA reraise that much here. So I reship all in and button insta-calls with JJ. This is so freaking bad it is a joke. What am I shipping all-in with for nearly 40BB that he can beat. I am shipping exactly 2 hands here 100% of the time: AA, KK. Depending on the player I may ship with AK but that just depends on whether I am in the mood to gamble with 40BB. So anyway JJ is NEVER ahead here except on the rare occassion that I do gamble with AK which he is 53/47. Basically he has to assume I am stacking off with TT or AK for 40BB. Nice play sir. Obviously a J came on the turn. People play so bad.

I did go semi-deep in the $20 cubed (1 rebuy and 1 add-on) on Stars finishing 30/~800 for a medium cash. Got it all in after the flop with 2 overs and a flush draw but missed everything. First time I played this event but liked it a lot. Very deep blind structures which is unusual for an on-line tournament.

Still playing a lot of satellites since other than yesterday it is difficult finding time for tournaments during tax season (with the exception of this coming Sunday). I have won 6 seats to the FTOPS Main Event. Here is a link to that leaderboard:

Might try and finish top 2 since there is a bonus. Will never catch "The Fiend 34" since he puts in insane volume. All of these satellites I have won have given my bankroll a HUGE boost and allowed me to play more and bigger tournaments as well as cash out for a nice profit already.

Sunday will be my last full schedule tournament day until tax season is over. Wife and kids will be out of town for the long weekend so I will come in to work early Sunday and then cut out and plan to play the following schedule:


Noon 32k Guarantee $20+2
12:30 2k Guarantee PLO $16.50
12:45 Sunday Warm-up $1M Guarantee $215 (satelitte in)
2:00 Daily 30k $11
2:15 10k Guaranteed $20 cubed
3:00 Daily 80k Guaranteed $55
3:30 Sunday 200k Guaranteed $11
4:30 Sunday Million ($1.5M this week) $215 (have satellited in)
5:00 80k Guaranteed $55
6:30 Sunday 2nd chance $215 (will satellite in)
6:30 2k guarantee PLO $55
7:00 100k Guaranteed $109

Full Tilt

Noon 14k Guaranteed $26
1:00 17.5 Guaranteed $75
1:30 4k Guaranteed PLO $10 rebuy
2:00 FTOPS 24 Bounty $129 (already won several seats)
2:00 27.5 Guaranteed $26
3:00 13.5k Guaranteed $26
3:30 50k Guaranteed $55
4:00 22.5k Guaranteed $75
4:15 3.5k Guaranteed PLO bounty $26
4:35 100k Guaranteed "Double Duece" $22
4:45 6k Guaranteed PLO $75
6:00 FTOPS Main Event $535 (see above for multiple seats won)
6:00 21k Guaranteed $26
6:15 3k Guaranteed (PL split) $26
7:00 40k Guaranteed $75
7:05 Sunday Mulligan $250k $216 (if I satellite in)

The tournaments in bold I am definitely playing. The others will depend on how I feel or how deep I am in other events. For example, if I am in the 3rd or 4th hour of the Sunday Warm Up I will likely play fewer of the 4:00-6:00 tournaments. Silly to start up another tournament to distract me from a tournament where I am already fairly deep with a chance for a good cash.

One Phucking Time Please!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

FTOPS begins

I played FTOPS #1 on Wednesday night. This was a $200+16 No-limit event. Field had ~6500 runners and I ended up busting around 1600th.

As usual I lost a coin flip in a key spot of the tournament. Midway through the third hour blinds were 170/340/25 an early position player shoved for ~4500. This hand screams AK, AQ and maybe occasionally 99 or TT. I am in the cut-off and tank for a while with 88 (I have ~8,500 in chips). I am pretty sure this is a race so lets go. I reship all in to isolate on the short stack. Suddenly the BB tanks and uses all of his time bank finally calling off with AK. The short stack had AQ so I am actually about 45% to get a nice healthy 20kish stack. But I run like death and flop had Q; turn had K and I am out since BB had me covered.

My final tally for the satellites is as follows:

Seats won: 35
Attempts: 80

This equates to a 26% ROI for those satellites. Still higher than expected but certainly more realistic than what I had been running. BTW I ended up 5th in the satellite challenge so no extra bonuses for me. I simply can't put in the volume some of the others do.

That same night I played some other tournaments but bricked off in the: FTP 4k (PLO), FTP 50k guarantee, and PS 70k guarantee. But still won some satellites so night was still somewhat profitable.

Last night was a different story however. I ran SOOOO BAD in a bunch of SNG so I switched over to some 5/10 Omaha HL and promptly lost 40BB ($400) in about an hour 3 tabling. I would flop nut low draws with nut flush and brick all the way. Very frustrating. Running this bad can be demoralizing so I got up off those tables and just played 3 tables of $1-$2 CAP No Limit HE. Ran better here and had a few fish basically giving me their money. One hand a guy raised to $7.. another reraised to $17 so I shoved AA for the CAP $60 and got called by AK and Anyway this 3.5 hour total session went from down ~$800 (yikes) to down ~$150. Was looking like 1/2 of the profits I had won over the last month were going to go up in smoke but I was able to fight back to a much more palatable amount.

Live poker has been rather comical as well. In my last 3 Tuesday night tournament games I have been busted by the following hands:
  • Flopped K high Flush on FIRST hand and lost to a rivered A high flush. All money went in on the flop.
  • QQ (me) vs 99 All in preflop. Turned str8 for 99.
  • AA (me) vs KQdd All in preflop. Turned 2 pair for KQ.
Doing well in the cash games though so what the hell.

Because of work getting crazy I will play very few tournaments in the near term. I may go home early next Wednesday for the 2:00 FTOPS Omaha Hi-Lo and I will likely play a bunch of stuff on Sunday the 15th as my wife and kids are going away for a couple of days for the 3 day weekend and I have to stay here and work. Fuck me this time of year.