Monday, October 7, 2013

Sept was good

September was a pretty good month overall.  Below is a snap shot of my cash results.  I also was up ~$400 in a few small home game type tournaments.  My goal from Sept 1-end of year is to get 250 hours in.  Obviously with only 39 in Septemember I will have to get a lot more once I get through the 10/15 tax filing deadline for my clients.

Here is a quick session review from last week in which I ended down a bit.  

10/2/13-MD Live

28mins 1/2 NLHE 0 (broke even)
1:44 mins 5/10 NLHE -$560

7:56 2/2 PLO +$60

Total Session ~10:10

Got to the casino early and ended up playing a long session. The PLO game I was in was really good so I just didn't want to get up. I was buried for like nearly $1,500 after a few bad beats and some missed draws, etc. Ended up holding in a dumb pot with AAxxds getting it all in probably not in great shape but in a 4b pot.

Here are a few of the key hands:

Could have lost more

Just got moved to 5/10 maybe 2 orbits ago. We are 6 handed as people are moving to the main game and bringing new players in. I open AQ to 35 from MP. C/O calls and we go to the flop HU. I really have no reads at this point though he seems middle aged and not super aggro.

(Pot $85) Flop Q45. I lead $55 and he calls.

(Pot $195) Turn A. I lead $120 and he calls. At this point I guess his range is OESD, A4, A5, sets, Qx, A2, A3 and that seems about it.

(Pot $435) River 7 I decide to check (although bet/fold might be better in hindsight). He bets $275 and I can't fold even though I think I am beat here a decent amount. Top 2 seems like the bottom of my calling range here against what appears to be a straightforward older player. IDK...I call to see 44.

Other than that 5/10 was rather uneventful other than turn quad 9s in a pot where I had opened Q9:club and seen the board run out 8999. I bet turn smallish and he folded.

First Dumb PLO Hand

I was raising a lot...probably most at the table and probably had a pretty splashy image. Not sure what my post-flop image was but I think most thought I was trying to run the table or at least be the most aggro.

I don't recall the action exactly but I called a raise in M-LP with 9956. Not the greatest ever but I felt fine post flop and most stacks were 200BB+ deep so I am fine playing some marginals. Anyway there must have been a straddle to 5 and a raise to 20 at some point as I remember going 8 ways with $160ish in the middle.

(Pot $160) Flop 89T Ok never folding. Middle set with meh flush draw. End up getting it in 3 ways in about an $900+ pot (maybe a bit more) with 78-82% equity and obv losing (I didn't write down all the suits though for sure I remember only 1 other being shown.

ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation
666 trials (Exhaustive)
board: 89T
Hand Pot equity Wins Ties
9s9h6h5s78.53% 5230
KcKdJcTh12.99% 33107
KhJsTd2h8.48% 3107

So that hurt though always good to get in that far ahead. Lost another where a dorky McLovin looking kid led 589r board, I pot 997T, tight older guy behind me stacks off and McLovincalls off with QQJT and board runs Qx and McLovin scoops after (I think unintentionally) slow rolling.

ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation
600,000 trials (Randomized)
board: 985
Hand Pot equity Wins Ties
997T46.08% 273,2396,520
QQJT33.06% 196,3234,097
674x20.85% 123,9182,423

Finally I got it in here:

AAxxds-Close eyes and jam

I open AAT9 to 15 over a straddle. Gambly asian dude 3b to 55 and gets 2 callers. I repot to 275 and get 2 callers. Effective stacks to start the hand are:

Me $700
Gambly Asian $600
Other Dude $450

Basically I am forced to stack off on all boards mathematically IMO.

(Pot ~$875) Flop 87K I jam, asian dude thinks a bit and calls off after I guess realizing the size of the pot, 3rd dude calls off.

(Pot ~$1825) Turn 2, River Q and I somehow hold. I assume I was up against pair and draw combos, something like that. I thought the Q was actually bad as it made a lot of 2 pair hands but I was good!

Once I won this I basically kept it up and ended up slightly up for the PLO portion of the session.

Moving this week so not sure I will get down there though I will try.