Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing again

Session 1--April 23, 2014-MD Live

20 mins 2/5 NLHE +$494
5:20 mins 2/2 PLO +$440

Welp I'm back. Tax season was a typical PITA but it's over now. I may not post as much going forward but wanted to post something since it has been so long. We shall see. Once or twice a month may be doable. 

Things have been really good IRL. Lost about 15 lbs since beginning of the year. Goal was to lose 25 before I left for WSOP so with a little over a month that may be a stretch but progress is progress and I am sticking with it. 

Other stuff good too. Going to play a bit of competitive golf this summer with the state Amateur at my home club. But the weather post April 15th has been horrendous so haven't played more than 9 holes since then. Playing this weekend.

Anyway on the pokering. I played last week and had a $1k session without any particularly interesting spots. Then I played last night. Got there about 6:45 and was immediately seated for 2/5 while I waited for PLO to open. Only played a few hands and then this happens and there is some post hand lullllz.

Stacking Semi-Reg (Hand 1)

I open 56 to $20 from MP, 2 call, SB calls, BB calls. I have been pretty active in the 2 or so orbits I have been there probably open raising 4-5 times.

(Pot $100) Flop T55 Blinds check, I bet $70, BTN calls, BB then tank c/r to $210 with $260-ish behind. BB is young fat Asian kid I have played with before. He is mildly tilting with sunglasses and he tanks on every decision. My read is that he is a break-even semi-reg and is probably nittier than one would think given his look/physical image. I can flat here and just let him pile the turn and maybe keep BTN in with his T or  draw but I ultimately decide to stick it in. BTN flashes his cards to the guy next to him and folds. 

BB then tanks for like a good 3 minutes. And this is where I think I say he is a baddish reg. I don't know how you c/r flop putting in over 40% of your stack and then have no clue what to do when I pile. The reverse of this is still a leak of mine I think. I figure there is just no possible way this cat is folding so let's just get it in and then suddenly they go in the tank and I'm like wtf is this fish really gonna fold? 

Ultimately I guess he realized (I guess) that there was over $900 in the pot and cost him $260 to call. So unless he had a total airball I assume he can get there. If I ever have AK/AQ in my range it should be a trivial call off. Anyway he calls 

Turn 5 

River X

So no big deal but I get called for 2/2 PLO at that moment. I check out the table and decide to go. Villain says something under his breath and I say "sorry I came to play PLO tonight. I am not hitting and running you." He starts in about how lucky I got and he had JJ, and must be nice to run so good, raising that crap, etc. I bite my tongue though the irony should not be lost.

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Loose call pre leads to dumb spot post-flop (Hand 2)

I moved to PLO and was pretty active. Raising a lot, playing and position but really just making some good hands. Was up a few hundred when this happens.

Few limps, guy in HJ raises to $10, I make a pretty meh call (being kind) with A3T8. Mostly called because there were two fish that were relatively deep and I was in position. Anyway BTN calls, few other callers and we are 6 to the flop. 

(Pot $60) Flop 863 Checks to me and I bet $50, BTN calls with ~$80 behind, SB is super gambly Asian on his 3rd or 4th buy and he c/r pot to $260 with $25 or so behind. Back to me and I start thinking. SB is clearly on a draw, no question. Problem is if he has a pair with a draw he is probably ahead of me. The BTN is obviously calling and he too is 100% on a draw. Ideally they are sharing some outs. So if I assume the pot will end up being $525 costing me $235 to call off (I assume everyone is all in). So I need somewhere around 27-28% to be profitable here. It's always harder to range in PLO but I figured he SB had some bare draws in his range so I could probably get to 30% equity. Of course, I am only doing this post hand as I can't calculate these EV's at the table. But in game, I did figure I had more than 27-28% so I called off.

These are pretty strong ranges and I still have over 30%. I don't know. Any thoughts on this?

ProPokerTools Omaha Hi Simulation
600,000 trials (Randomized)
board: 863
HandPot equityWinsTies
cc8, cc57, cc67, cc36.75%215,8689,236
cc8, 57cc, 579, 45731.81%183,55314,669

Anyway I held and they didn't show. I'm guessing their drawing ranges were actually a little weaker even then what I ranged.

So ended up with a pretty good night. Will be playing a decent amount over the next month and then headed to WSOP on 5/27 for about a week.  I actually considered not going at all this year. With all the games at MD Live, travelling to play 2/5, 5/10 and <$1,500 buy in MTTs didn't make a ton of sense.  But the Millionairre Maker is on when I am there and that seems like it should have huge equity so WTF.  There is also a $1k PLO for the first time that week that I will play.  Plus it is a vacation of sorts where I can just focus on the pokering.