Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vegas Bound

Off tomorrow for Vegas/WSOP/Venetian and pretty excited to get going.  My schedule of events includes:

Friday $1,500 WSOP Limit Omaha 8
Sat $600 Venetian NLHE
Sun $1500 WSOP NLHE
Monday $1,500 WSOP PLO
Tues $600 Venetian Limit Omaha 8
Wed $1500 WSOP NLHE
Thursday $600 Venetian PLO

I may change a few things up and fully expect to make some day 2's etc which will change the schedule.  In any event, I 100% plan to play the 2 WSOP Omaha events (obviously given the above caveat). 

I actually had a coaching session the other evening with an online wizard.  He found some small leaks that had worked there way into my NLHE MTT game.  Always good to do a checkup every now and then.  He really didn't think I had developed any big or fundamental leaks just some items that require a bit of attention.  Good to hear that and it gives me a lot of confidence heading into the next week or so.

I will be posting some counts, interesting hands, etc. on Twitter so check it out. 

I haven't run very well since the WSOP-C.  I went to Borgata for PLO weekend and that was a disaster.  In the PLO8, I got to around 45-50 left (started with 110ish) when I opened AK36 double suited from the button.  SB who has played like zero non-nut hands then pots and I just don't feel like folding so I shovel and see AA2x.  That chopped me down to literally like 150 chips.  Ground that to abt 14k.  Then lost with flopped 2 pair and J hi flush draw to KKxx with K hi flush draw.

In the PLO I thought I was going deep.  18 cashed and with 30ish left I had a pretty good stack.  Unfortunately, I busted ~20th in a pretty dumb spot where I flopped top and bottom pair and open ended against top 2 pair and I bricked.

Cash games were insanely lol though I managed to grind out a smallish win in the NLHE games in spite of being on the wrong side of variance/coolers in some absurd spots.  The PLO games were a debacle, however as I ran really bad in 3 bet pots, etc.

Anyway, I think all that crap is out of my system and I am off for big things in Vegas!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

WSOP-C Philadelphia

Finished 2nd in the PLO/PLHE WSOP-C that ended yesterday at Harrah's Chester (Philadelphia).  All of this in spite of running rather poorly for most of Day 1.  Here are 2 hands that illustrate:

Playing PLO Blinds 300-600

I start hand with ~25k.  UTG raises to 1600 and gets 2 callers.  I wake up with AAJ9ss on button.  I can re-pot to ~9k but that may turn my hand face up.  I don't really care about that since I am getting nearly 40% of my stack in and can shove 100% of flops comfortably.  I also felt like there was a spew in SB who might squeeze a reasonably high % of the time.  He only had 10k and this would look like a great spot to do it.  But sadly he calls.  BB then raises to 7500.  UTG then calls (he was terrible but covered me).  Folds to me and I obv ship.  BB calls for his last 13k or so and UTG somehow  BB has 4789.  Flop 49x, turn T, river 4.  GG me.  down to less than 5k.

But I buck up and somehow get it back over 20k or so when this beauty comes up:

Playing PLHE Blinds 600-1200

SB is standard live reg-fish and he has about 15k left.  Folds to him, he completes and I check Q5dd.  I can raise here a lot but w/e.  Flop 355.  He bets pot, I re-pot and we get it in.  He has 46, turn 6, river 6 and I am under 7k again at 600-1200.

I get it all the way down to 3800 when I get a full double with AAxx in PLO and another with 99 vs. AK in PLHE.  Once we get on the bubble I go from ~30k to over 100k playing super aggro.  I 3b quite a bit and was opening probably 40% of pots.  As we got more shorthanded on the bubble I just kept the pressure on and really picked up a TON of chips without any showdowns. 

Finally at 3a.m. they made us bag up to come back yesterday at 2 with 5 players left.  So I had to scramble to find a room, toothbrush, etc.  Anyway we get back to play and the first hand I play:

Old shortstack opens for full pot (3-6k blinds so 21k open).  i put him in for ~50k with 77.  He has 66.  Flop 789, turn T river K.  So now I am down to ~110k.  I drift down to like 80k when I 3b the SB with AQ at 4-8k and get a fold.  Then I won a bunch and got to a peak of 250k.  Ari Engel (bodogari) had a TON of chips and was basically felting everyone.  The problem was that he had like 750k I had ~200k and the other 2 dudes had 50-75k.  So this is a bad spot for me from an ICM perspective.  Although I am playing to win I have to account for the $$$.  Finally he busted the other 2 and we got HU.  By now, though, my stack was down to abt 120k.  Second hand into HU play he opened and I shipped AJ97 with suited A.  He called with some random garbage Kxxx and rivered a K.  GG me.

So no ring for me but a nice cash pre-WSOP which helps the confidence and the bankroll.  Here are the results:

Anyway speaking of WSOP, here is my intended schedule:

I sold 25% of my action already and intend to sell ~35% or so total.  So if you have any interest let me know. 

Also going to play PLO weekend at Borgata in a few weeks.  They are running a PLO8 tournaments on Saturday 18th and straight PLO on Sunday 19th so that will be fun and the cash games should be crazy too.