Monday, June 30, 2014

June Update

June Update

Ended up playing ~75 hours in June though that includes ~15 hrs while I was still in Vegas the first few days of the month. Return to MD Live was terrible as I quickly lost over 4k in 3 5/10 sessions. Nothing particularly crazy happened I just never seemed to win any pots. I did discuss this little nothing hand that generated a bit of disgreement:

5/10 with 1500 eff. I open red AA, 5 call

Flop 789r, SB is playing on his phone starts to check, double checks his cards then bets 150.
Doesn't seem super interesting to me really. Solid 5/10 grinder is playing on phone, double takes this flop and then leads into 6 people. Seems like a fairly trivial fold to me though others disagreed and thought a peel was in order on the flop.

I also played this hand vs. a super gambly Asian tard. 

Weird 5/10 hand

Villain gambly, older Asian...plays like 70/20...plays ATC pre but raises a much tighter range. Once he raises he never folds to a 3b. Overvalues strong hands that have weak relative value and does like him some bluffs but probably not just blasting off like crazy.

Eff stacks 2k

Villain opens 35 in HJ, I call AJ in CO, BTN calls, BB calls

(Pot $145)Flop AJ9

BB ch, Villain ch, I bet $105, BTN and BB fold, Villain calls

(Pot $355) Turn 8 He ch, I bet $225, He c/r to $625, I tank call.

I think his range here is 99, QTs, TT, 9T, JT, A8s, A9s, AJ or the unlikely AA/JJ

Turn call?

(Pot $1605) River 2-He leads $925; I?
I called and got shown 99 in the face. Tanked for a bit on the river as his line is just sooooooooo soooooooo strong. But ultimately couldn't do it as I felt he could play A9, A8, and some bluffs like TT, 9T the same way.

So basically early in the month I ran like ass. Then for some reason I decided to grind 2/2 PLO and just never went back to NLHE (other than a few short sessions waiting for a seat). Played this hand versus a very well known older Asian player who is super aggro and typically plays 5/5 (which hasn't been running as much during the WSOP).

PLO time..not sure I like how I played this...Eff stacks $500 and it is 2/2

Main Villain is a 60-ish Korean dude who plays mostly 5/5 PLO which isn't running. His son is actually a very well known high-stakes baller and he is quite aggro, bets with virtually any equity and if checked to will almost always bet. He prob recognizes me as a decent winner but we haven't played a ton together.

I just sat and open AQJ9 to 12 over a few limps, General calls on my left, 3 more call and we go to flop.

Pot ~65 Flop KJ5 I lead 65, V calls all else fold. V's range here is dry flush draws, AK with a broadway, K5xx, J5xx and wraps.

Pot ~195 Turn A

Not sure I like what I did but what you got here?
In hindsight, leading flop makes this totally standard. I guess the question is whether bet/folding that flop is good or not...ran it by a few people and most said as played turn is standard bet/get it in...they were split on flop bet being good or not. Anyway he had QT and I bricked my FH draws.


I did play a fun big pot where I was a winner the other night though! Few limps and I make it $15 with KTQ9 on the button, SB calls, 2 others call and we go to flop 4 handed. Effective stacks with SB Villain are like $900

(Pot ~$65) Flop KT6 Checks to me and I bet 60; SB then c/r to 265, folds back to me and I tank call. 

(Pot $595) Turn K BOOOOM! He checks and I check back. I think his range on the flop is sets, big draws like wraps, etc. With basically a pot-sized bet left I guess I should bet to get value out of his drawing hands. 

(Pot $595) 4 He pots, I go all in for the remaining $35 and he calls and shows 66xx. 

So I coolered the shit out of him but I think his river bet is super spewy. I got lucky that he had the hand he had and he played it really poorly on the end. His hand is a bluff catcher really and given that no draws got there I can't call much of a bet. I mean if the draw gets there and he wants to b/f $250 that seems way better to me. 

Anyway all added up to a relatively profitable month. July I am going to play a bunch of events in the MD Live Summer Series. These are the ones I am planning on playing:

Event 1 $300 NLHE RE (1 entry plus 1 re-entry)
Event 5 $500 NLHE Bounty
Event 7 $240 Omaha 8/Stud 8
Event 9 $250 PLO8
Event 10 $350 PLO Bounty
Event 14 $1,100 NLHE
Event 15 $500 NLHE
Event 17 $2,200 NLHE Main

Total BI $5,740
I'll take a little run good if anyone wants to ship it to me!

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