Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hockey Post?? WTF

When I was little my Dad, brother and I were pretty big Caps fans. This was their heyday in the early to mid-80s when they could not get past the NY Islanders in the playoffs. Gradually they got worse until I was basically disinterested other than their Stanley Cup run in 1998. They were pretty boring and just never really a threat to go deep in the playoffs (though they did make the playoffs a lot).

Well that has changed and for the last 3-4 years I have gradually gotten back into the Caps and look forward to their games. Most of that is obviously attributed to one person: Alex Ovechkin. He is the best player in the league and is highlight material every time he gets the puck. Add to him, Backstrom, Fleischman, Semin, Green, Knuble, etc and you have the most exciting team in the league bar none. They can score anytime from anywhere.

So last night was the 3rd installment of Caps vs. Penguins. I suspect both teams would say they are each others biggest rivals and, to be fair, when it has mattered most (i.e. playoffs) the Pens have gotten the best of it. I think that changes this year but we shall see. It was a great game and the Pens were tough particularly without Malkin (who may be more valuable to his team then the star Sidney "The Pussyboy" Crosby). The game went into a shoot-out and here is what happened...

First guy is a douchebag...second guy is the best...

To see the whole shootout look here:

Here is OV's greatest goal from few years ago in Phoenix...this is really sick:

If you want to see a highlight reel of his greatest goals look here (my favorite other than #1 is #4):

SO in any event this Big Fella will be "Rockin the Red" at a few playoff games this spring. Hopefully this will be the year they go deep.

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